Big Bit Audio Recording Studio

Big Bit Audio Studio provides professional sound recording for music customized for the needs of today’s market, as well as sound recording for commercials, music for film, radio, television, games and multimedia.

We actively cooperate with publishing companies, music bands, individual artists and those who are interested in obtaining exceptional service quality based on the experience gained at a legendary The Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York. We guarantee the best tools and techniques available in sound engineering.

We offer comprehensive services of your project starting with preproduction, recording the material, mix, mastering and finally delivering a master for replication in factory.

Online Mix and Mastering

Apart from classic sound engineering we offer online mix and mastering. We receive material from you and send it mixed and/or mastered by means of our secure servers.

Mobile Recording Studio

If you are not capable of arriving at Big Bit Audio, Mobile Recording Studio is an option for you. We arrive at your place and do the recording session in the place you wish.

Audio Restoration

If you would like to restore your old tape or cassette recordings we recommend the transfer of the recording to digital domain and further processing in order to bring it to life.

Live Sound Engineering

We welcome everyone seeking professional live sound engineering.

Big Bit Audio has a trained and sensitive ear and is not afraid to use it!

recording engineer

I started as a runner at the Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York City in 1993. This place was highly conducive to working and learning at the same time, therefore I seized the opportunity and quickly moved on to the studio manager position and eventually an assistant engineer.

During the Magic Shop days I had the pleasure of cooperating with numerous widely respected and platinum artists. Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow, Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Monster Magnet and Medeski Martin and Wood were just some of them.

I feel very fortunate and honored to have worked with top-notch producers such as Steve Rosenthal (Sheryl Crow, Monster Magnet), John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Triple Fast Action), Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake (Suzanne Vega, Los Lobos), Sean and Paul (Radiohead, Juliana Hatfield), Dave Sardy (The Rolling Stones, Oasis), T. Bone Burnett (Robert Plant and Allison Kraus).

Simultaneously, in 1998 I had been working at Tin Pan Alley Recording Studio. The place in which The Beastie Boys recorded their early material.

In 1999, back home I embarked on engineering and producing music at SPAART Recording Studio in Boguchwala near Rzeszow and until 2013 you were likely to find me there most of the time.

I set up Big Bit Audio in 2009.

Apart from the studio work I have mixed live sound for Ratatam, The Poise Rite, Jesus Chrysler Suicide, Neonovi, Brown, 004, Rockaway, Funky Flow, Aurora, Paweł and Marcin Steczkowski. I have mixed on the major music festivals and a number of other shows not necessarily that big.

I actively collaborate with local PA contractors, TV and Radio Stations.

If you would like to find out more about my work please check out my selected discography.

If we don’t know each other and you need some assistance with your recording project, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for taking a look or a listen.

All the best:)





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